Fraunhofer CMA Provides Web-Based Solution for MD Veterinary Hospital

Fraunhofer CMA and Skylos Sports Medicine work together to provide specialty rehab care for dog owners using a web-based approach.

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SC Fraunhofer USA Alliance Kickoff

Celebrating a Milestone as Government Representatives and SC Fraunhofer USA Alliance Unite Once Again for Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Kicking Off Industry 4.0 Initiatives in SC.

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Detection and Analysis of Tor Onion Services

Together with researchers at Fraunhofer SIT, Dr. Marcel Schäfer co-authored a paper on the analysis of the Tor network. The work was published and presented at the 3rd International Workshop on Criminal Use of Information Hiding in concordance with the 14th International Conference on Availability, Reliability, and Security.

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Expanding Our Workforce

Our Center is growing and we’re looking for ambitious, innovative, and enthusiastic people like you. Visit our Career page regularly to learn more about our available positions.

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Putting Research into Practice

Supporting customers through software development with state-of-the-art methods and processes, thorough safety and security analysis, and powerful measurement and testing tools.

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Industry 4.0 at Fraunhofer USA CMA

Technology is becoming ever more prevalent in manufacturing. Here at Fraunhofer USA CMA we're doing our part in ushering in the next industrial revolution.

Advancing research for nearly 20 years. Driving innovation in technology and industry.

The Fraunhofer USA Center Mid-Atlantic (CMA) comprises two divisions:  Software and Systems Engineering and Molecular Biology.  Located in Riverdale, Maryland, the Software Engineering Division drives critical thinking and software-enabled solutions for its customers in industry, government and academia.  Affiliated with the University of Maryland, the Center conducts applied research aimed at designing and developing software-intensive systems that are safe, secure, tested and verified.  Key focus areas include advanced AI applications for manufacturing, healthcare and life sciences, and supply chain illumination and management. The Biotechnology Division, located in Newark, Delaware, develops advanced technologies, emphasizing applications in human health and has recent grants with the NIH,  DoD, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Division has active research programs on thermostable formulations of target pharmaceuticals and design of vaccine candidates. Additional research interests at the Division focus on metabolic engineering of cell cultures and the discovery and characterization of novel antimicrobials. 



Expanding Smartphone Security Research Internationally


Demystifying the Darknet through Discourse across Domains


Fraunhofer USA CMA Wins FunGCAT Project Funding


Engaging Customers Across the Nation

Fraunhofer USA Center Mid-Atlantic CMA

Software and Systems Engineering Division

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Biotechnology Division

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