Technical Publications

2022 Publications

Reliability-Aware Requirements Development for Autonomy Software

Leila Meshkat, Gudjon Magnusson, Madeline Diep, Mikael Lindvall

SeqScreen: accurate and sensitive functional screening of pathogenic sequences via ensemble learning

Advait Balaji, Bryce Kille, Anthony D. Kappell, Gene D. Godbold, Madeline Diep, R. A. Leo Elworth, Zhiqin Qian, Dreycey Albin, Daniel J. Nasko, Nidhi Shah, Mihai Pop, Santiago Segarra, Krista L. Ternus, Todd J. Treangen

Metamorphic Adversarial Detection Pipeline for Face Recognition Systems

Rohan Reddy Mekala, Sai Yerramreddy, Adam Porter

Measuring quality of DNA sequence data via degradation

Alan F. Karr, Jason Hauzel, Adam A. Porter, Marcel Schaefer

Selecting Post-Processing Schemes for Accurate Detection of Small Objects in Low-Resolution Wide-Area Aerial Imagery

Xin Gao, Sundaresh Ram, Rohit C. Philip, Jeffrey J. Rodríguez, Jeno Szep, Sicong Shao, Pratik Satam, Jesús Pacheco, Salim Hariri

Metamorphic Testing in Bioinformatics Software: A Case Study on Metagenomic Assembly

Brook Stacy, Jason Hauzel, Mikael Lindvall, Adam Porter and Mihai Pop

2021 Publications

SATune: A Study-Driven Auto-Tuning Approach for Configurable Software Verification Tools

Ugur Koc, Austin Mordahl, Shiyi Wei, Jeffrey S. Foster, Adam A. Porter

Specified Certainty Classification, with Application to Read Classification for Reference-Guided Metagenomic Assembly

Alan F. Karr, Jason Hauzel, Prahlad Menon, Adam A. Porter, Marcel Schaefer

Metamorphic Testing for Image-based Calcium Imaging Analysis Pipelines

Madeline Diep, Rohan Reddy Mekala, Ujjwal Ayyangar, Gudjon Magnusson, Adam Porter, Wolfgang Losert, Mikael Lindvall

Application of Markov Structure of Genomes to Outlier Identification and Read Classification

Alan F. Karr, Jason Hauzel, Adam A. Porter, Marcel Schaefer

SeVA : An AI solution for Age Friendly Care of Hospitalized Older Adults

Chongke Wu, Jeno Szep, Pratik Satam, Salim Hariri, Sundaresh Ram, Jeffery J. Rodriguez

Invited: Independent Verification and Validation of Security-Aware EDA Tools and IP

Benjamin Tan, Siddharth Garg, Ramesh Karri, Yuntao Liu, Michael Zuzak, Abhisek Chakraborty, Ankur Srivastava, Omid Aramoon, Qian Xu, Gang Qu, Adam Porter, Jeno Szep, Warren Savage

Classifying User Requirements from Online Feedback in Small Dataset Environments using Deep Learning

Rohan Reddy Mekala, Asif Irfan, Eduard C. Groen, Adam Porter, Mikael Lindvall

2020 Publications

Role-Playing Computer Ethics: Designing and Evaluating the Privacy by Design (PbD) Simulation

Katie Shilton, Donal Heidenblad, Adam Porter, Susan Winter, Mary Kendig

Spatio-Temporal Processing for Automatic Vehicle Detection in Wide-Area Aerial Video

Xin Gao, Jeno Szep, Pratik Satam, Salim Hariri, Sundaresh Ram, Jeffrey J. Rodríguez

Towards Automated Comprehension and Alignment of Cardiac Models at the System Invariant Level

Samuel Huang, Madeline Diep, Kuk Jang, Elizabeth M Cherry, Flavio H Fenton, Rance Cleaveland, Mikael Lindvall, Rahul Mangharam, Adam Porter

Critical traffic analysis on the tor network

Florian Platzer, Marcel Schäfer, Martin Steinebach

Critical Traffic Analysis on the Tor Network

Florian Platzer, Marcel Schäfer, Martin Stienebach

Paralinguistic Classification of Mask Wearing by Image Classifiers and Fusion

Jeno Szep, Salim Hariri

Metamorphic filtering of black-box adversarial attacks on multi-network face recognition models

Rohan Reddy Mekala, Adam Porter, Mikael Lindvall

2019 Publications

Detection and Analysis of Tor Onion Services

Martin Stienebach, Marcel Schäfer, Alexander Karakuz, Katharina Brandl

SeqScreen: a biocuration platform for robust taxonomic and biological process characterization of nucleic acid sequences of interest

Dreycey Albin, Pravin Muthu, Gene Godbold, Mikael Lindvall, Madeline Diep, Adam Porter, Mihai Pop, Krista Ternus, Todd J. Treangen, Dan Nasko, Ryan A. Leo Elworth, Jacob Lu, Advait Balaji, Christian Diaz, Nidhi Shah, Jeremy D. Selengut, Chris Hulme-Lowe

Detection and Analysis of Tor Onion Services

Martin Stienebach, Marcel Schäfer, Alexander Karakuz, Katharina Brandl, York Yannikos

Predictive Diagnosis of Fatal Heart Rhythms Using Wearables

Jeno Szep, Salim Hariri, Zain Khalpey

Metamorphic detection of adversarial examples in deep learning models with affine transformations

Rohan Reddy Mekala, Gudjon Einar Magnusson, Adam Porter, Mikael Lindvall, Madeline Diep:

Darknets as Tools for Cyber Warfare: IT Applications and Infrastructures in Conflicts, Crises, War, and Peace

Kal Denker, Martin Steinebach, Marcel Schäfer

Two-Level Automations Optimizations Based on ML for Cardiac FEM Simulations

Jeno Szep, Ali Akoglu, Salim Hariri, Talal Moukabary:

Metamorphic Detection of Adversarial Examples in Deep Learning Models With Affine Transformations

Rohan Reddy Mekala, Gudjon Einar Magnusson, Adam Porter, Mikael Lindvall, Madeline Diep

2018 Publications

A Metamorphic Testing Approach to NASA GMSEC's Flexible Publish and Subscribe Functionality

Julian Rothermel, Mikael Lindvall, Adam Porter, Sigurthor Bjorgvinsson

Modeling Requirements of Autonomous Systems

Gudjon Magnusson, Madeline Diep, Tim Phillips, Mikael Lindvall

Automated Specification Extraction and Analysis with Specstractor

Christoph Schulze, Rance Cleaveland, Mikael Lindvalla

2017 Publications

Metamorphic Model-Based Testing of Autonomous Systems

Mikael Lindvall, Adam Porter, Gudjon Magnusson, Christoph Schulze

Autonomic Management of 3D Cardiac Simulations

Ehsan Esmaili, Ali Akoglu, Gregory Ditzler, Salim Hariri, Talal Moukabary, Jeno Szep

Safety-Focused Security Requirements Elicitation for Medical Device Software

Mikael Lindvall, Madeline Diep, Michele Klein, Paul L. Jones, Yi Zhang, Eugene Y. Vasserman

2016 Publications

Enhancing Rules For Cloud Resource Provisioning Via Learned Software Performance Models

Mark Grechanik, Qi Luo, Denys Poshyvanyk, Adam Porter

Developing a Value-Based Methodology for Satisfying NASA Software Assurance Requirement

Daniel Port, Joel M. Wilf, Madeline Diep, Carolyn B. Seaman, Martin S. Feather

Resolving complex research data management issues in biomedical laboratories: Qualitative study of an industry-academia collaboration

Sahiti Myneni, Vimla L. Patel, G. Steven Bova, Jian Wang, Christopher Ackermann, Cynthia A. Berlinicke, Steve H. Chen, Mikael Lindvall, Donald J. Zack:

Good Change and Bad Change: An Analysis Perspective on Software Evolution

Mikael Lindvall, Martin Becker, Vasil L. Tenev, Slawomir Duszynski, Mike Hinchey

Agile metamorphic model-based testing

Mikael Lindvall, Dharmalingam Ganesan, Sigurthor Bjorgvinsson, Kristjan Jonsson, Haukur Steinn Logason, Frederik Dietrich, Robert E. Wiegand:

Experience Report: Model-Based Test Automation of a Concurrent Flight Software Bus

Dharmalingam Ganesan, Mikael Lindvall, Stefan Hafsteinsson, Rance Cleaveland, Susanne L. Strege, Walter Moleski

Model-based Testing of Mobile Systems - An Empirical Study on QuizUp Android App

Vignir Gudmundsson, Mikael Lindvall, Luca Aceto, Johann Bergthorsson, Dharmalingam Ganesan

2015 Publications

Model-based testing of NASA's GMSEC, a reusable framework for ground system software

Vignir Gudmundsson, Christoph Schulze, Dharmalingam Ganesan, Mikael Lindvall, Robert Wiegand

Metamorphic Model-Based Testing Applied on NASA DAT - An Experience Report

Mikael Lindvall, Dharmalingam Ganesan, Ragnar Ardal, Robert E. Wiegand

Seeking Meaningful Measures for COTS-Intensive System Development

Linda J Esker, Madeline Diep, Frank Herman

Ask the Engineers: Exploring Repertory Grids and Personal Constructs for Software Data Analysis

Lucas Layman, Carolyn B. Seaman, Davide Falessi, Madeline Diep

Applying Software Data Analysis in Industry Contexts: When Research Meets Reality

Madeline Diep, Linda Esker, Davide Falessi, Lucas Layman, Michele A. Shaw, Forrest Shull

Model generation to support model-based testing applied on the NASA DAT Web-application - An experience report

Christoph Schulze, Mikael Lindvall, Sigurthor Bjorgvinsson, Robert Wiegand

2014 Publications

ADAM: External dependency-driven architecture discovery and analysis of quality attributes

Dharmalingam Ganesan, Mikael Lindvall

Assessing model-based testing: an empirical study conducted in industry

Christoph Schulze, Dharmalingam Ganesan, Mikael Lindvall, Rance Cleaveland, Daniel Goldman

GQM+Strategies: A Comprehensive Methodology for Aligning Business Strategies with Software Measurement

Victor R. Basili, Jens Heidrich, Mikael Lindvall, Jürgen Münch, Myrna Regardie, H. Dieter Rombach, Carolyn B. Seaman, Adam Trendowicz

2013 Publications

An analysis of unit tests of a flight software product line

Dharmalingam Ganesan, Mikael Lindvall, David McComas, Maureen Bartholomew, Steve Slegel, Barbara Medina, René L. Krikhaar, Chris Verhoef, Lisa P. Montgomery

Detecting inconsistencies in wrappers: a case study

Henning Femmer, Dharmalingam Ganesan, Mikael Lindvall, David McComas

An initial evaluation of model-based testing

Vignir Gudmundsson, Christoph Schulze, Dharmalingam Ganesan, Mikael Lindvall, Robert Wiegand

Model-based testing of NASA's OSAL API - An experience report

Christoph Schulze, Dharmalingam Ganesan, Mikael Lindvall, Dave Mcf Omas, Alan Cudmore

Technical Debt: Showing the Way for Better Transfer of Empirical Results

Forrest Shull, Davide Falessi, Carolyn B. Seaman, Madeline Diep, Lucas Layman

Debugging Revisited: Toward Understanding the Debugging Needs of Contemporary Software Developers

Lucas Layman, Madeline Diep, Meiyappan Nagappan, Janice Singer, Robert DeLine, Gina Venolia

Linking Software Development and Business Strategy Through Measurement

Victor R. Basili, Jens Heidrich, Mikael Lindvall, Jürgen Münch, Myrna Regardie, H. Dieter Rombach, Carolyn B. Seaman, Adam Trendowicz

2012 Publications

Impacts and Opportunities for Engineering in the Era of Cloud Computing Systems

Ackermann Christopher, Bai Xu, Diep Madeline, Huang LiGuo, Humphrey Marty, Li Yingmao, Shull Forrest, Sullivan Kevin

3.2.2 Enhancing the System Development Process Performance: a Value-Based Approach

Manuel Mastrofini, Giovanni Cantone, Carolyn Seaman, Forrest Shull, Madeline Diep, Davide Falessi

Analyzing inspection data for heuristic effectiveness

Forrest Shull, Carolyn B. Seaman, Madeline Diep

Connecting research and practice: an experience report on research infusion with software architecture visualization and evaluation

Mikael Lindvall, William C. Stratton, Deane E. Sibol, Christopher Ackermann, W. Mark Reid, Dharmalingam Ganesan, David McComas, Maureen Bartholomew, Sally Godfrey

2011 Publications

Inspections for Systems and Software

Manuel Mastrofini, Madeline Diep, Forrest Shull, Carolyn Seaman, Sally Godfrey

Lattice-Based Sampling for Path Property Monitoring

Madeline Diep, Matthew B. Dwyer, Sebastian G. Elbaum

How Effective Is Test-Driven Development?

Burak Turhan, Lucas Layman, Madeline Diep, Hakan Erdogmus, Forrest Shull

Architecture Reconstruction and Analysis of Medical Device Software

Dharmalingam Ganesan, Mikael Lindvall, Rance Cleaveland, Raoul Praful Jetley, Paul L. Jones, Yi Zhang

2010 Publications

Evaluating Heuristics for Planning Effective and Efficient Inspections

Forrest J Shull, Carolyn B Seaman, Madeline M Diep, Raimund L Feldmann, Sara H Godfrey, Myrna Regardie

Linking Software Development and Business Strategy Through Measurement

Victor R. Basili, Mikael Lindvall, Myrna Regardie, Carolyn B. Seaman, Jens Heidrich, Jürgen Münch, H. Dieter Rombach, Adam Trendowicz

What Do We Know about Test-Driven Development?

Forrest Shull, Grigori Melnik, Burak Turhan, Lucas Layman, Madeline Diep, Hakan Erdogmus

Architecture-Based Unit Testing of the Flight Software Product Line

Dharmalingam Ganesan, Mikael Lindvall, David McComas, Maureen Bartholomew, Steve Slegel, Barbara Medina

Obtaining valid safety data for software safety measurement and process improvement

Victor R. Basili, Marvin V. Zelkowitz, Lucas Layman, Kathleen Coleman Dangle, Madeline Diep

Architectural Analysis of Systems Based on the Publisher-Subscriber Style

Dharmalingam Ganesan, Mikael Lindvall, Lamont Ruley, Robert Wiegand, Vuong Ly, Tina Tsui

2009 Publications

Evaluating the Modifiability of Software Architectural Designs

Moshood Omolade Saliu, Günther Ruhe, Mikael Lindvall, Christopher Ackermann

Using Semantic Networks and Context in Search for Relevant Software Engineering Artifacts

George Karabatis, Zhiyuan Chen, Vandana Pursnani Janeja, Tania Lobo, Monish Advani, Mikael Lindvall, Raimund L. Feldmann

Why Developers Insert Security Vulnerabilities into Their Code

Kaarina Karppinen, Lyly Yonkwa, Mikael Lindvall

Redesign for Flexibility and Maintainability: A Case Study

Christopher Ackermann, Mikael Lindvall, Greg Dennis

SAVE: Software Architecture Visualization and Evaluation

Slawomir Duszynski, Jens Knodel, Mikael Lindvall

Towards Behavioral Reflexion Models

Christopher Ackermann, Mikael Lindvall, Rance Cleaveland

Searching for relevant software change artifacts using semantic networks

Mikael Lindvall, Raimund L. Feldmann, George Karabatis, Zhiyuan Chen, Vandana Pursnani Janeja

Verifying architectural design rules of the flight software product line

Dharmalingam Ganesan, Mikael Lindvall, Christopher Ackermann, David McComas, Maureen Bartholomew

Recovering Views of Inter-System Interaction Behaviors

Christopher Ackermann, Mikael Lindvall, Rance Cleaveland

Determining the Impact of Business Strategies Using Principles from Goal-oriented Measurement

Victor R. Basili, Jens Heidrich, Mikael Lindvall, Jürgen Münch, Carolyn Seanian, Myrna Regardie, Adam Trendowicz

2008 Publications

Bridging the Software Architecture Gap

Mikael Lindvall, Dirk Muthig

Detecting Security Vulnerabilities with Software Architecture Analysis Tools

Kaarina Karppinen, Mikael Lindvall, Lyly Yonkwa

Trace Normalization

Madeline Diep, Sebastian G. Elbaum, Matthew Dwyer

Reducing the Cost of Path Property Monitoring Through Sampling

Matthew B. Dwyer, Madeline Diep, Sebastian G. Elbaum

Anything You Want to Ask about Software Reliability Engineering

Michael G. Hinchey, Karama Kanoun, Mikael Lindvall, Michael R. Lyu, Tiziana Margaria, Veena B. Mendiratta, Paul Pettersson, Norman F. Schneidewind, W. Eric Wong

An Analysis Framework for Inter-system Interaction Behavior

Christopher Ackermann, Deane E. Sibol, William C. Stratton, Mikael Lindvall, Sally Godfrey

2007 Publications

Eliminating synchronization faults in air traffic control software via design for verification with concurrency controllers

Aysu Betin-Can, Tevfik Bultan, Mikael Lindvall, Benjamin Lux, Stefan Top

Reducing irrelevant trace variations

Madeline Diep, Sebastian G. Elbaum, Matthew B. Dwyer

Experimenting with software testbeds for evaluating new technologies

Mikael Lindvall, Ioana Rus, Paolo Donzelli, Atif M. Memon, Marvin V. Zelkowitz, Aysu Betin-Can, Tevfik Bultan, Christopher Ackermann, Bettina Anders, Sima Asgari, Victor R. Basili, Lorin Hochstein, Jörg Fellmann, Forrest Shull, Roseanne Tesoriero Tvedt, Daniel Pech, Daniel Hirschbach

Assessing the Quality Impact of Design Inspections

Christopher Ackermann, Forrest Shull, Ralf Carbon, Christian Denger, Mikael Lindvall

GQM+ Strategies - Aligning Business Strategies with Software Measurement

Victor R. Basili, Jens Heidrich, Mikael Lindvall, Jürgen Münch, Myrna Regardie, Adam Trendowicz

Bridging the Gap between Business Strategy and Software Development

Victor R. Basili, Jens Heidrich, Mikael Lindvall, Jürgen Münch, Myrna Regardie, H. Dieter Rombach, Carolyn B. Seaman, Adam Trendowicz

The SAVE Tool and Process Applied to Ground Software Development at JHU/APL: An Experience Report on Technology Infusio

William C. Stratton, Deane E. Sibol, Mikael Lindvall, Patricia Costa

2006 Publications

Case Studies of Static Software Architecture Evaluations

Jens Knodel, Mikael Lindvall, Dirk Muthig, Matthias Naab

Probe Distribution Techniques to Profile Events in Deployed Software

Madeline Diep, Myra B. Cohen, Sebastian G. Elbaum

Static Evaluation of Software Architectures

Jens Knodel, Dirk Muthig, Matthias Naab, Mikael Lindvall

Understanding Change Requests to Predict Software Impact

Christopher Ackermann, Mikael Lindvall

2005 Publications

Profiling Deployed Software: Strategic Probe Placement

Madeline Diep, Sebastian Elbaum, Myra B Cohen

Combating architectural degeneration: a survey

Lorin Hochstein, Mikael Lindvall

An evolutionary testbed for software technology evaluation

Mikael Lindvall, Ioana Rus, Forrest Shull, Marvin V. Zelkowitz, Paolo Donzelli, Atif M. Memon, Victor R. Basili, Patricia Costa, Roseanne Tesoriero Tvedt, Lorin Hochstein, Sima Asgari, Christopher Ackermann, Daniel Pech

Application of design for verification with concurrency controllers to air traffic control softwar

Aysu Betin-Can, Tevfik Bultan, Mikael Lindvall, Benjamin Lux, Stefan Topp

Towards Reusable Measurement Patterns

Mikael Lindvall, Paolo Donzelli, Sima Asgari, Victor R. Basili

Profiling Deployed Software: Assessing Strategies and Testing Opportunities

Sebastian G. Elbaum, Madeline Diep

Experimenting with Software Architecture Flexibility Using an Implementation of the Tactical Separation Assisted Flight Environment.

Bettina Anders, Jörg Fellmann, Mikael Lindvall, Ioana Rus

Static Evaluation of Software Architectures - A Short Summary

Jens Knodel, Mikael Lindvall, Dirk Muthig

2004 Publications

Evaluating software architectures

Roseanne Tesoriero Tvedt, Patricia Costa, Mikael Lindvall

An introduction to agile methods

David Cohen, Mikael Lindvall, Patricia Costa

Agile Software Development in Large Organizations

Mikael Lindvall, Dirk Muthig, Aldo Dagnino, Christina Wallin, Michael Stupperich, David Kiefer, John May, Tuomo Kähköne

2003 Publications

An Empirically-Based Process for Software Architecture Evaluation

Mikael Lindvall, Roseanne Tesoriero Tvedt, Patricia Costa

Software systems support for knowledge management

Mikael Lindvall, Ioana Rus, Sachin Suman Sinha

Process diversity

J. Softw. Maintenance Res. Pract. 15(1): 1-8 (2003)

Ioana Rus, Carolyn B. Seaman, Mikael Lindvall

Measuring Software Sustainability

Robert C. Seacord, Joseph Elm, Wolf Goethert, Grace A. Lewis, Daniel Plakosh, John E. Robert, Lutz Wrage, Mikael Lindvall

Diagnosing architectural degeneration

Lorin Hochstein, Mikael Lindvall

Lessons Learned from Building Experience Factories for Software Organizations

Mikael Lindvall, Ioana Rus

2002 Publications

Guest Editors' Introduction: Knowledge Management in Software Engineering

Ioana Rus, Mikael Lindvall

A Light-Weight Process for Capturing and Evolving Defect Reduction Experience

Victor R. Basili, Mikael Lindvall, Forrest Shull

Does the Code Match the Design? A Process for Architecture Evaluation

Roseanne Tesoriero Tvedt, Patricia Costa, Mikael Lindvall

Technology Support for Knowledge Management

Mikael Lindvall, Ioana Rus, Sachin Suman Sinha

Avoiding Architectural Degeneration: An Evaluation Process for Software Architecture

Mikael Lindvall, Roseanne Tesoriero Tvedt, Patricia Costa

What We Have Learned About Fighting Defects

Forrest Shull, Victor R. Basili, Barry W. Boehm, A. Winsor Brown, Patricia Costa, Mikael Lindvall, Daniel Port, Ioana Rus, Roseanne Tesoriero, Marvin V. Zelkowitz

Empirical Findings in Agile Methods

Mikael Lindvall, Victor R. Basili, Barry W. Boehm, Patricia Costa, Kathleen Coleman Dangle, Forrest Shull, Roseanne Tesoriero Tvedt, Laurie A. Williams, Marvin V. Zelkowitz

2001 Publications

Lessons Learned about Structuring and Describing Experience for Three Experience Bases

Mikael Lindvall, Michael Frey, Patricia Costa, Roseanne Tesoriero

Building an Experience Base for Software Engineering: A Report on the First CeBASE eWorkshop

Victor R. Basili, Roseanne Tesoriero, Patricia Costa, Mikael Lindvall, Ioana Rus, Forrest Shull, Marvin V. Zelkowitz

An Industrial Survey of Requirements Interdependencies in Software Product Release Plannin

Pär Carlshamre, Kristian Sandahl, Mikael Lindvall, Björn Regnell, Johan Natt och Dag

2000 Publications

Guest Editors' Introduction: Process Diversity in Software Development

Mikael Lindvall, Ioana Rus

1999 Publications

Measurement of Change: Stable and Change-Prone Constructs in a Commercial C++ System

Mikael Lindvall

1998 Publications

An Extended Replication of an Experiment for Assessing Methods for Software Requirements Inspections

Kristian Sandahl, Ola Blomkvist, Joachim Karlsson, Christian Krysander, Mikael Lindvall, Niclas Ohlsson

How well do experienced software developers predict software change

Mikael Lindvall, Kristian Sandahl

Traceability aspects of impact analysis in object-oriented systems

Mikael Lindvall, Kristian Sandahl

Monitoring and measuring the change-prediction process at different granularity levels: an empirical study

Mikael Lindvall

The Visibility of Maintenance in Object Models: An Empirical Study

Mikael Lindvall, Magnus Runesson

1997 Publications

1996 Publications

Practical Implications of Traceability

Mikael Lindvall, Kristian Sandahl